As the excitement builds for your employee and their family while planning their move to the Houston area, let us at HomeCorp Relocation help to make their transition as seamless and stress free as possible. We focus on the details. We make their needs our priority.

Primary Services Package

Pre-Arrival Introduction

Our destination services consultant will reach out to your employee prior to their arrival to welcome them and provide an overview of services being offered to them by their employer. Information to be shared and discussed includes housing, family profile - including needs and interests, schools, banking, needed documentation and any other topics that help prepare the family for a successful relocation.


bankingHomeCorp Relocation partners with a full-service financial institution to offer Expatriate services to your employee. We will reach out to your employee to start the banking process prior to their move and also before they have a Social Security number. Banking services being offered include savings and checking accounts, credit cards, auto loans/leases, and mortgages.

Utility Connect Assistance

utilities assistanceEmployee is provided with assistance with phone, cable, home security and utility connections.

Social Security Assistance

social security assistanceA Social Security number is a must have for payroll or expense reimbursements for your employee while working in the United States. A destination services consultant will contact your employee to set up an appointment to escort them to the Social Security office to apply for their Social Security number. The employee will also be instructed on the appropriate documentation needed for their appointment, as well as the timeline. If the employee needs their Social Security number prior to the their Social Security card arriving via U.S. Postal Services, a 2nd visit can be scheduled to obtain their Social Security number (if no document processing problems were encountered).


insuranceAssistance is provided to help employee obtain home, auto and/or renter’s insurance.

Other Information Provided

  • Texas Points of Interest
  • School Information
  • Cultural Differences
  • Weather – Hurricane Preparedness
  • Local Shopping/Needed Services
  • Pet – Air Transportation/Vets

Texas Driver's License

Texas drivers licenseGoing to the Texas DPS office is a lengthy and can be a confusing experience. Our destination services consultant strives to make this visit a positive experience for your employee.

To start the process a copy of the Texas Drivers Handbook will be given to your employee to prepare for the written test. The employee is encouraged to study. Not everyone passes the written test. If your employee does not pass they must repeat the process which would take another half a day.

A prearranged appointment will be set up with your employee for their visit the Texas DPS office.

Having the correct documentation is crucial at the Texas DPS. Prior to the appointment our destination services consultant will go over the documentation your employee will need to bring for their appointment.

On the day of the appointment the destination services consultant will pick up the employee, confirm their documentation and escort them to and from the Texas DPS office. They will remain with the employee during the entire process - document verification, vision test and written exam. Once the written and vision tests has been passed, a driving test appointment will be set up for the employee.

Since the destination services consultant will not be escorting the employee for the driving test, the process will be explained in detail. The employee will arrive at their next appointment to take their driving test in their own vehicle. The vehicle needs to have current vehicle inspection and registration, as well as provide proof of liability insurance on the vehicle.

School Registration

school age childrenOne of the top priorities of a family with school-age children during any relocation will be how to transition their children into a new school. This can be a daunting experience for any family, especially one relocating from another country.

Information will be given to the parents regarding availability of private and public schools, curriculum, websites, and school district information. Working closely with the parents our destination services consultant will develop a profile on each child focusing on their academic requirements, immunizations, personal interests, and documentation needed for school registration.

The first day of a new school should be a positive and exciting experience for the family. Our destination services consultant will strive to make the school registration process as stress free as possible. Areas of focus include:

  • Setting up any school tours
  • Escort parents to any school meetings/registration/testing
  • Help coordinate immunization process
  • Coordinate all documentation needed for registration process
  • Assist with school supplies/uniforms/etc.
  • Translation assistance with speaking/documentation
  • Transportation

Area Orientation Tours

Are you trying to entice a candidate to relocate to Houston? Do you want to welcome your new employee and their family to their new home? Are you trying to provide your new employee with an orientation to help them make the right decision on where to live? Show off our fabulous city with an area orientation tour. Tours begin at a half day and can be customized to meet anyone’ specific needs and interests. There is a lot to show someone who is not familiar with our city and the surrounding areas. Areas of focus may include but are not limited to:

  • The Woodlands, Katy, Sugarland, Pearland, Galleria, etc.
  • Sporting Facilities
  • Medical Center
  • Entertainment, Shopping, Restaurants, Theaters, Museums
  • Schools
  • Downtown Houston
  • Historic Points of Interest
  • Churches
  • Kemah, Galveston, the Gulf of Mexico

Houston Downtown skyline

Houston is a unique area with many interesting facts:

  • Lakewood Church has the nation’s largest house of worship with a congregation of 30,000.
  • Houston’s Texas Medical Center is the largest medical complex in the world.
  • Houstonians eat out more than any other city in the U.S.
  • Houston has the 3rd largest number of consular offices in the country.
  • There is a 7-mile system of tunnels under the downtown buildings filled with restaurants and shopping.
  • Houston was a national capital when the state was the Republic of Texas.
  • Houston is on the same latitude as Cairo, Egypt.

Let us design your tour to show off our city!

Transportation From Airport

transportation from airport

Transportation will be provided for your employee (and family) from the airport to their destination. Our driver will meet your employee at the airport when they arrive and assist them with their luggage. Your employee will be driven directly to their corporate apartment and our driver will assist in making sure they arrive safely to their destination. Bilingual drivers are available upon request.

Rental Car Assistance

rental car

We coordinate with your rental car agency for vehicle pickup and vehicle drop-off as required. Our staff can coordinate to have cars delivered to the corporate office, employee's residence, or other temporary location.

Pricing available upon request

Customized corporate packages can be tailored to fit your company’s needs.